Hugo Lambda Builder

Building Hugo sites in a Lambda function

I want to build static sites to capitalize on really cheap hosting via S3. I have probably a dozen sites I’ll host on here, so all solutions will be 10x more expensive. I also want to know if building a CI/CD platform on Lambda is feasible. With systems like Jenkins, it’s really hard to hit 100% utilization. Lambda gives us that possibility, provided this all works. My code for reference: lambda-hugo-builder [Read More]

S3 Static Hosting Lessons

Some tricks I learned setting this whole thing up.

There are a lot of parts getting this whole thing set up. S3 and CloudFront can’t find default root objects Hugo uses a directory url by default (i.e. When a directory url is passed to the server, it looks for the default root object in that directory. S3 is not a file system, it is an object storage system. Asking for a key (s3://website-bucket/post/post_title/) fails to find the index. [Read More]

Static Hosting on S3 with Hugo

I’m building static sites because they’re cheap, low maintenance, and highly performant. I’ve been running Wordpress sites for years, but they always seem to be more work than they’re worth. I get tired of applying updates and then fixing plugins. Hugo was recommended to me by a friend on Twitter. I’ve been working on using it ever since. Hugo Hugo is a blogging platform that generates static html pages, written in Go. [Read More]