How I'd run a DevOps Consultancy

A few months ago, I was approached by a firm asking to become a consultant. I starting thinking about how I would run the whole practice. I decided to share this with the world. I’d want the major business pillars to be well integrated. The practice/product is integrated with marketing, which is integrated with sales, and hiring. Every business unit works together, and outputs feed as inputs to each other.


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The Strategic Value of Quitters

Job hopping: the practice of switching jobs every few years. It’s becoming more and more common, especially among younger workers. For many of them, it’s the only way to get significant salary increases. There is obvious value in poor performing employees leaving your organization, but what about the high performing ones? I believe there is even more untapped value in those employees leaving. The Internal Job Board Reimagined Most large organizations maintain an internal listing of open positions, but how many of them include positions in other companies?


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