Hire Me

Hi there! I get a lot of recruiters reaching out for me to look at their role or start a dialog. To save everyone time, I put this little page together.

Right now, I am a Director of Engineering leading a dozen teams through StateRAMP certification of multiple product offerings, defending eight figures of revenue. This is very time sensitive and ambiguous as the requirements are currently in flux. After this project is complete, I plan on getting back to my roots of establishing wide impacting practices and processes that help organizations leverage their cloud investment more efficiently. I love diving into cloud provisioning, deployments, platforms, and development practices to find and eliminate manual or tedious processes that slow organizations down.

If you think you have a very senior technical role with an opportunity to make significant impact in your organization, let’s talk.

Areas of Expertise

These are the subjects I am deeply knowledgable in:

  • DevOps
  • continuous delivery
  • cloud strategy
  • user access provisioning
  • scalable infrastructure
  • migrations
  • disaster recovery / business continuity