Hire Me

Thank you for your interest in hiring me. I am currently leading a cloud engineering team focused on cloud account level configuration, management, and strategy. I leverage my experience in building automation and pipelines to scale our small team to rapidly deliver results. I’m excited for this opportunity in front of me, so I’m not looking to make a lateral move. If you need someone to lead a cloud migration, roadmap a CI/CD pipeline, implement DevOps in your organization, or other high level strategy; I might be interested.

Areas of Expertise

These are the subjects I am deeply knowledgable in:

  • DevOps
  • continuous delivery
  • cloud strategy
  • user access provisioning
  • scalable infrastructure
  • migrations
  • disaster recovery / business continuity
  • marketing / personal branding


I’m available for speaking engagements around my subjects of expertise. I’m happy to prepare a talk for you in those subjects and then hold Q&A afterward. I prefer the Q&A section as that’s where the implementation details are explored and real value is provided.


I currently teach a quarterly DevOps boot camp targeted towards beginners, but useful enough to veterans of the IT industry. I’ve had seasoned systems administrators and software engineers go though my class and gain a deeper appreciation for products and services my team provides. I cover concepts like immutable infrastructure, idempotent deploys, infrastructure as code, continuous integration / continuous delivery, canary releases, blue/green deployment, static artifacts, and lots more. It has a heavy focus on virtualized infrastructure (specifically in AWS) and uses tools like Docker, Jenkins, and Git. I could come and teach a similar class to your team or organization. Depending on the depth requested, it could take multiple days to cover all the material.


I am available for short term projects. If you have a particular project in mind, reach out to me. I can evaluate and develop plans to implement the above strategies or tools around them.