Do you have a question on running a role playing game? I’d like to help. I have been running role playing games for over 25 years. It’s my passion to help other people run memorable games for their group, so I’m starting a Q&A show. I will take questions in the form of emails, tweets, video chat, or “call in” on Anchor. Submit the question to me and I’ll answer it on camera at YouTube or in voice on Anchor.

Submitting a text question

If you have a question you’d like answered, email me at levianswers@levimccormick.com or tweet it to me @levi_mccormick. I or someone I know will read it aloud for the show.

Submitting a voice question

If you want to send me a voice question, you can use Anchor to call in, and I’ll put it on the show.

Submitting a video question

You can send me a video question on Twitter. My DMs are open. You can also email them to me, if you want.