Hire Me

Thank you for your interest in hiring me. I am currently leading a cloud engineering team focused on cloud account level configuration, management, and strategy. I leverage my experience in building automation and pipelines to scale our small team to rapidly deliver results. I’m excited for this opportunity in front of me, so I’m not looking to make a lateral move. If you need someone to lead a cloud migration, roadmap a CI/CD pipeline, implement DevOps in your organization, or other high level strategy; I might be interested. [Read More]

Dr. SpotInstance

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Termination Notification

I recently moved all my compute resources over to Spot Instances in AWS. I love it. If you’re not using Spot in your applications, I hope this will convince you to look into it. A Demanding Infrastructure Your standard instance is known as an On Demand instance, meaning you launch and terminate as needed. For this, you pay a set amount per minute. Once launched, the instance will continue to operate until something terminates it. [Read More]

DevOps Hell's Kitchen

This might feel a little too real for some of you.

Yesterday, while sharing a beer with my coworkers, we discussed an idea I’ve been kicking around for many years now. We joked and laughed while wondering aloud if anyone would be interested. Then, the name was coined: “DevOps Hell’s Kitchen”. The premise is fairly simple. Two teams of software engineers compete in head-to-head challenges week after week. These challenges could be oriented around known computing problems or designed to educate. Things like “process a million messages from a queue” or “send billions of emails”. [Read More]